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Think Thai at OKO

Wednesday, June 01, 2016Me! In words

The Lalit Ashok loves to spring small surprises that pack a punch. Like the ongoing Thai festival that they are hosting at OKO, their pan-Asian restaurant till June 5th. At the helm is Chef Suriya Phusirimongkhonchai, who has created a menu that you will transport you to the shores of Thailand. 

As with such short promotions, the menu is small, but gives both vegetarians and meat eaters a fantastic range of options. The menu takes you through soups, starters, main courses and desserts in a delicious way. I will let the pictures do the talking from here on. We chose to dine outdoors and sat under a starry sky with the occasional streaks of lightening. The lighting was ideal for a romantic evening, but not for awesome pictures, so heads up, the pictures don't do justice to the wonderful meal we indulged in.

  A look at the sky from our seats. A cool evening breeze with some Sula Satori to keep us warm all through the meal 

 Khao Soi a curry noodle Soup with onion, spring onion, pickle and boiled egg - a dish very easily mistaken to be the Burmese Khowsuey. Infact, I did call it that on my Instagram post. Quite similar in many ways to its Burmese counterpart, this one has a depth of flavour that brings together coconut milk, soaked chillies and a home made curry paste that plays the base to noodles, freshly cut spring onions and crispy noodles on top. The boiled egg quarters makes this an absolutely wholesome way to start the meal.

 Som Tam - The classic Thai salad that packs in all those flavours of sweet, sour, tangy and the textures of crunchiness thanks to the generous sprinkling of peanuts.

Phae Thod Phad Namphrik Phao – Wok tossed crispy lamb with chili paste - tender chicken shreds that have crispy exterior and piping hot inside, made all the more delicious with a spicy chilli paste marinade and lots of spring onion garnishes. Most of the dishes, beginning with this one, also showcase Chef Suriya skills in vegetable carving.

 Kai Takrai – Crispy  Lemongrass Chicken - you can't have a lemon grass chicken on the menu and not have me order it. And so it came to the table, generous morsels, steeped in a lemon marinade and wok tossed and smothered with a generous dose of spring onions

 Pla Nung Manao – Thai Steamed Fish with lemon chili paste - Fresh Seabass that has been treated with the simplest of ingredients. The best way to showcase the bounties of the sea without overpowering its naturally wonderful taste

  Khao Phad Kai – Fried Rice with a flavourful Thai Green Curry in Chicken. What better way to wrap up an indulgent Thai meal that with this.


We were offered a lovely vodka test tube shot which you simply must try. This is one of those drinks that you can happily chug, multiple times before realizing how much it hits.

Khao Neaw Mamoung – Mango Sticky Rice- this was the first of the two desserts we had. A common offering in homes and in streets. What makes this a superlative dessert is the accompanying sweet coconut sauce that you pour on the rice. A simple dessert that can make even a non-dessert person like me take multiple helpings of.

Coconut Egg Custard - a simple steamed custard that closed this wonderful meal.

The Think Thai Festival is on till June 5th for dinner. Do make your reservations at the earliest and treat yourself to a wonderful evening of good food and drink.

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