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So after a brilliant meal at Alloro for lunch during our staycation at the Crowne Plaza, it was time for dinner at their Pan-Asian restaurant East. A lovely space just off the swimming pool, open enough to allow the best of Bangalore's weather to keep you company through your meal and sheltered enough to ensure the elements do bother you. A lovely mix of glass lampshades in a varying colours and shapes make for a very interesting focal point in the restaurant. This place will soon be shifting location to a much higher spot in the hotel. Nevertheless, if you do happen to visit now, the ambience is perfect to make the best of Bangalore's outdoors.

A look at the setting at East

Our meal began with a sampling range of dimsums, something that the restaurant is known for in these parts. In fact, there is a dimsum festival currently on at the restaurant till Sunday, the 13th of November that you might not want to miss. Vegetarian and meat based dumplings came in separate steamers and made for quite the colourful collection.

From the vegetarian selection we had the Bok Choy and Shiitake Dumplings - a moist casing that had the crunchiness of bok choy combined with the very distinctive taste and texture of shiitake. The Vegetable Crystal Dumplings had a nice and clear wrapping together a crunchy vegetarian filling making it a pretty package to chow down on. The Vegetable Sichuan Dumplings packed that spice that most of us from the Indian subcontinent appreciate when it comes to our food. The choice for vegetarians does not end here and there is lot more you can savour from their a la carte menu. 

We did not want to pack away too much at this meal because we were still carrying the wonderful meal of the afternoon. So for the meat options we had the Chicken Siu Mai and Prawn Hargao, both of which do not scrimp on filling that has been treated subtly, the hallmark of well done dimsum. The casing on the Hargao could have been done with a slightly lighter hand in my opinion though.

Now if there is one thing on the menu that you must have its the Barbecue Pork Ribs. Done up in a Cantonese style sauce it packs the right amount of spice that makes it perfect for a beer, especially given the weather these days. The meat is treated really well with the fat to meat ratio being ideal and easily teased away from the bone with your butter knife. If you are looking for one indulgence, let it be this.

We also had the Chicken Pho with all the accompaniments being neatly presented alongside. The main bowl makes for a pretty picture with each element having a dedicated space of its own yet looking like the perfect merger. The caramelized crunchy onions are a secret that I want to learn.

To round up the meal we had the Khao Phat -Spicy Thai Rice with fried shallots, chillies and basil and had that paired with a Thai green curry Gaeng Keow Wang with chicken. Both very pleasant.

Gaeng Keow Wang 

There was one more surprise that was brought out for us and this was when I wished that I had this come to the table right at the beginning. Whole Steamed Snapper in Black Bean Sauce. It was quite literally the whole fish in a sauce that will have you sneak finger licks of all through your time with it. Ask for the staff to debone it once you are done with all your photo taking, because you will want to whip out your camera for this one; and they present that to you in a lovely manner again.

Dessert was the Tub Tim Grub, a favourite among Thai desserts. However, I would have liked to see some more desserts from the Pan-Asian world. That is the hope when the restaurant takes on its new space.

A meal for two is approximately Rs 3500. The restroom is across the pool. The service is quick and non-instrusive and the space lovely.

Address: Crowne Plaza, #43, Electronic City, Phase 1, Bangalore.
Phone - 080-39854710
Cuisine - Italian
Accepts cards - Yes
Parking - Valet
Location - You can find the hotel here

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