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Wednesday, December 21, 2016Me! In words

As much as I complain about the cold in December (yes Dilliwalon, laugh all you want), it is also a weather I enjoy. One, for the wines (aside from my humongous collection of jackets) that can keep me warm and the other, grills that can satiate the soul. This is a season when the idea of grills, on a rooftop, with wine on the side and family around you, sounds like the veritable cherry on the icing on the cake. And so, when an invitation from the Ritz Carlton came to try out their newly opened, poolside grill house - Grill 99, I did not blink twice before accepting. 

Grill 99 is set by the poolside deck of the main hotel. The area is thoughtfully split into two zones - the center aisle for those who want to truly dine under the stars and wooden cubicles, each ensuring privacy, yet open enough to let the surrounding greenery keep you company and some of the twinkling stars and the moon too, like we had when we visited.

 In the picture above, the beautiful lamp shade we sat under. The moon peeping from between the slates as we got comfortable. The table setting when we were seated. And a lovely Berry and Sparkling wine drink with a Maraschino cherry.

Now this is one set of dinner buns that we must speak of. Toasty and easily pulled apart, the highlight is the few sprinkles of Rock Salt with Truffles. The humble bread receives an elevation that sets an incredibly high expectation of the meal to come. And we were not disappointed at all!

What better way to start off a meal of grills than to build the anticipation with a simple, yet flavour packed soup - Heirloom Tomato and Garlic Soup with Basil Cream is as high on aroma when it is poured out of the tureen, as it is on flavour.

 The soup is light, given that added hint of tartness from sliced cherry tomatoes. It does not fill up you, but quite literally warms the tummy for what is to come. 

Since we were at a tasting, the idea was to try as much as we could, without wasting food, which often tends to be norm at tastings. Chef was kind enough to put together a seafood platter for us, with Whole Grilled Lobster and Prawns in garlic butter. The Grilled Seabass was served separately. Just look at the picture above - now how is that for a platter! The work of cracking the lobster is thoughtfully done and the gorgeously grilled lobster is stuffed into an already cracked shell. All you have to do is dig in. The prawns come with their tails on, but it took no encouragement at all for us to suck them clean too! What I loved about the grills here is the fact that everything you see on the platter is grilled - from the heirloom tomatoes on the vine to the halved lemon, to the fresh parsley and the believe you me, the combination of them all is something to be experienced. 

We also had the Grilled Seabass filet which was perfect in its simplicity. A juicy filet, with an almost crisp skin. Flaky fish that honestly does not need anything else.

Forgive the shaky image of the Tenderloin but that's what a happy tummy can do to you. This Tenderloin was done to a perfect medium, just the way we like it, even though we weren't asked. The sear on top added to the look and the flavour. What we loved the most was the whole garlic, sliced right down the middle and grilled alongside. We picked every pod and ate them up and yes, we did not regret it one bit!
You have a choice of accompaniments to pair with your  grills. Your choices include Creamed Spinach, Bearnaise sauce and Sauteed Mushrooms - each one delicious but its the truffle mash that you have to ask for. Just so you can sit with it, all to yourself and enjoy every bit of that velvet like mash with a lacing of truffle that makes you want go slow on every bite.

Dessert was the Caramel Choux buns with a Chocolate ring and Nougatine. A simple and classy dessert that brought an end to a really really good meal.

The service is impeccable here. Once you are done with your meal you can walk around the poolside and perhaps even sit in the cocoon like lounge seating. The restroom is a short distance off the corridor and is clean. A meal for two here is approximately Rs 4000. 

Address: Ritz Carlton, 99, Residency Road
Cuisine: International, Grills
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Valet, Hotel Parking

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