2016 - The Year that Was in Good Food!

Monday, January 02, 2017ruthdsouzap

And so the year 2016 is officially behind us and these first few days of the New Year is when we look back at some of the great experiences we have had and hope that 2017 has all this and more in store for us. As has been the tradition for the last few years, I begin a New Year with a post on some of the most memorable meals of the year gone by and some dishes that I just can't get out of my mind. Most of these have been covered on the blog in detail at some point, so do click on the images if you are looking for more details. Wish you all a very Happy New Year and cheers to a delicious year ahead.


Brunch at BG's
We did quite a few brunches this past year and it has slowly made me a convert to the idea. Buffets were never really appealing to me, till a brunch like BG's at Courtyard and Fairfield by Marriott came along and changed my mind for good. Grills, poolside and cold pizzas (yes, cold pizzas!)!
Dum Pukht Jolly Nabobs
  Yes, Dum Pukht at the ITC Windsor has been around a long time, but we only recently got around to it and hope to get around to it many more times in the years to come. The love for every ingredient comes through superbly and a meal here is a pampering of the senses like no other.

Meeting with Masterchefs
  What can I say - I met all three, I met them one on one and I got a chance to meet Gary Mehigan twice! Thanks Mayur for some awesome pictures.

Tamarind at Taj Bangalore
The past year has been one of bringing Indian food back in two ways - in its original, honest-to-goodness way and another, in a way that presents it in a ways to make it internationally or perhaps universally more appealing to all. Tamarind at the Taj Bangalore does it the honest to goodness way and that was a meal that I will travel all the way to the airport to indulge in. 

The Open Box
The Open Box was an interesting couple of meals - lovely takes on dishes - taste and presentation spot on and the innovations quite out-of-the-box

Toast and Tonic
Toast and Tonic replaced Monkey Bar and I for one love the replacement too. One of the dishes here The Clams and Chorizo Udon noodles should also be in my Dishes to Remember list too. That being said, we loved most of the dishes we ordered on our few visits here - clean flavours, a lot of thought having gone into the menu and the incorporation of locally sourced ingredients adding to it all.


This is the year the blog saw a revamp - in design and even in content. Though we do not travel as much as I would like to, I thought it was about time we chronicle some of our interesting staycations and trips. A totally unexpectedly wonderful one in the city was a staycation at the Crowne Plaza in Electronic City. Their Italian restaurant, Alloro was such a happy discovery - while the regulars are on the menu, it is dishes like their soft shell crab and their unique take on the Panzenella Salad that make a meal here a very memorable one. 

 This is the year we took our daughter Anoushka on her first international trip, to Bangkok. We had a blast there for 5 days and more importantly made food discoveries that barely touched the tip of the iceberg - from Chatuchak Market to Suan Lum Night Market, to the On Nut night market, the pubs, the food courts and more, choice of food is something you will never run out of. 

Map to Hotel BrothersWe have recently got back from a Christmas trip to Alleppey - for the wedding of a cousin as well as Christmas. We stayed at Hotel Brothers, which I was told by multiple people before leaving, was great for food. There is no kidding there. Fresh seafood, well done meats, classic staples and food cooked with passion is what makes this small eating joint a place packed to the gills. Click on the image for a map of the location. 

Regular followers of the blog will know what we love Japanese. Unfortunately the wallet factor is what prevents us from indulging frequently. So it was good fortune that we stumbled across Sakae of all the place, on Double Road. We went in without too many expectations and came out quite satisfied with the place. Value for money Japanese, good on taste, flavour and options. Of course, not an Edo, but will make do. 


Made in Punjab
This Luxury Butter Chicken does not look like much, but I would go back to Made in Punjab for this dish alone any number of times. True to its name, it is luxurious, creamy, heavy and the perfect indulgent treat!

Sunday Brunch at Movenpick
The Sunday Brunch at Movenpick is BIIIIG, with over 250 dishes on offer. Considering the size of the group that visited, we did manage to get through a significant number of them and each one tasted brilliant. But the highlight was the Cocktail trolley that did the rounds at the tables and whipped up drinks on the spot!. 
The dosa at Anju's Cafe in Rangashankara. Sure, I know everyone talks about the Sabudana Vada, I love it too, but their dosas and that heavenly chutney to go with it are what I will go back for any number of times. 
 Not sure if it continues to remain on the black board menu at Red Fork, but this Peanut Butter and Berry Compote French Dosa is what indulgent breakfasts are made of.

The Tandoori Wild Mushrooms with Truffle and Walnut Dust at Farzi Cafe is my topmost pick off their entire menu, though my daughter would argue that its the Parle G Cheesecake that we should go back for. The truffles really work their magic with this dish and in a wonderful,
lick-the-bowl clean way.  

 Revisited Kudla after a long while and their Marwai Sukka, or the cockles sukka took me straight back to my place back home and my mum's cooking. Beer and this dish make a combination you just cannot beat.

And so there you have it. My round-up for the year that was. Will meet you same blog, same time, next year to tell you the best that 2017 had to offer. Looking forward to some great culinary adventures this year.



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