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Thursday, January 19, 2017ruthdsouzap

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And so it comes to be that Alba, the Italian restaurant at the JW Marriott has a new menu for you to indulge in. Crafted by Chef Marou, the menu aims to bring classic, fresh flavours to your table and does it with style. The menu is an extensive one which you can peruse while you bite down some soft, warm olive bread. Choose to have it as is, or with the lovely thick tomato accompaniment that it comes with.

 Olive Bread 

From the antipasti section, you may want to begin with the Insalata Di Polipo, an Octopus salad, placed on a bed of smashed potato, marinated cherry tomatoes and capers. A substantial salad, this is a good one for seafood lovers. Another brilliant one is the coming together of prawn and scallops, individual core ingredients in their own right, but featuring together in the Capesante E Gamberoni. What elevates the taste on this one is the fennel confit bed and the delicate juliennes of candied lemon. And can you say no to a plate of Burrata- fresh creamy mozzarella served cold, at just the right temperature and brought to life with heirloom tomatoes, basil, onions and a generous dose of extra virgin olive oil.

 Capesante E Gamberoni

 Burrata with heirloom tomatoes, basil, onions and a generous dose of extra virgin olive oil. 

 Insalata Di Polipo, an Octopus salad

If a choice from the Zuppe (soup) section must be had, then do consider the Veloute di Pollo E Funghi – a thick, creamy mushroom soup, dotted with delicate bits of chicken and a crumbed fried mushroom. The essence of truffle oil gives it an added kick in the flavor. The slight graininess to the texture makes it a soup you will come back to, one spoonful at a time.

 Veloute di Pollo E Funghi 

From the Pasta e Risotto section you will love the Gnocchi Dipatate a la Piemontese – a lovely oblong plate lined with potato gnocchi, porcini mushrooms and a lamb gravy that is topped off with pan juices. If there was ever a soul comforting dish, it is this. With a side helping of a thin crust classic Margherita Pizza and you are set. The Calzoncelli Di Ricotta is a spinach-ricotta ravioli stuffed with pine nuts, seared a bit and placed on a bed of homemade basil sauce. Simple in concept, but loaded with flavor and texture.

 Gnocchi Dipatate a la Piemontese

 Calzoncelli Di Ricotta

From the Pesce (seafood) section, the one you want to try is the Salmon Tutti Aromi – filets of Salmon are marinated in traditional gallipot, smoked and then served canned in a glass jar with confit cherry tomatoes, fried baby potatoes and Taggiasca olives. The classic parmigiana gets a twist in the hands of Chef Marou where he converts it to a roulade of chicken, with a center of mozzarella cheese and sun dried tomatoes. The Pollo alla Parmigiana is served with fresh tagliatelle in tomato basil sauce.

Salmon Tutti Aromi

 Pollo alla Parmigiana

Wrap up your meal with some interesting selections from the Dolci (dessert) offerings. The Cannoli Siciliani has crisp rolls stuffed with fresh ricotta, chocolate chips, pistachio and flavoured with orange essence. Also a must try is the Tortino Al Cioccolato, a dark chocolate flan that oozes molten chocolate when you cut into it with your spoon. Choose from some of the home made gelato, likes the vanilla bean version to experience some of the simple pleasures in life that good food can bring about.

 Cannoli Siciliani

Chef Marou’s new menu ensures that you have enough choice to keep you going through many a meal at Alba. The food is packed with flavours, light and delightfully memorable.

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