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Sunday Brunch at the Hilton

Friday, February 10, 2017ruthdsouzap

If it’s a Sunday, it’s usually brunch and if you choose to head out for it, then nothing can be more beckoning than a poolside brunch. Hilton at the Embassy Golf Links introduces its poolside Sunday brunch at the Ministry of Food and it will take you a good part of your Sunday to get through it.

The brunch has quite a large spread, split between the poolside and Salt Grill as well as Ministry of Food. Settle down under one of the large umbrellas by the pool or dive straight in before you head to the tables and begin nursing your cocktail. Or you could choose to sit inside, in air conditioned settings.

 The pool that really beckons

 With a buffet set up right next to it! Perfect beginning to a Sunday

The bar whips up most of the classics and we nursed a Cosmopolitan, a Mojito, following which we customized our drinks and the bartender sportingly whipped it all up. A tad bit slow with the drinks coming to the table, but then a full house and the demand for the good drinks can tend to back things up a bit. 

 A view of the bar that was going full steam ahead

 The first round of drinks that hit our table

The cheese and crackers counter brings on the whole shebang and you can choose from a range of hard to soft cheeses and everything in between. A choice of breads, crackers, dry fruits and nuts and some grapes help you make up an enviable platter to sip on with your sangria. 

 Everything Cheesy About This!
The grills offer a range of meats with accompanying sauces and vegetables. What stood tall was the chicken quiche, the roast chicken and the grilled pork. The spinach and corn tarts were great as well. There is a vast selection of Indian starters, which will be brought to your table on request. So from tandoori fish to vegetable kebabs, and a range of meat starters you can be sure of something to nibble on all through the afternoon. 

One view of the grill station

The pasta station gives you the usual options of white and red sauces with a choice of short-cut pastas. The station is a vegetarian one primarily, but we asked for bacon to be added and were obliged. The decorative colored spaghetti on display makes this station something you spot right at the beginning. 

 I just loved this display. Too bad it was not for plating!

In between the eating, drinking and merry-making you will be regaled by a magician who makes the rounds. You also have a lovely duo belting out what are now classics for my generation! Also present is a tarot card reader who can be frighteningly accurate, or was that just the cards I happened to pick!

Don’t forget to explore the spread set up on the inside. A collection of interesting cold cuts and salads greets you first. The octopus salad was my pick as were the cuts. Don’t be surprised when you see thick test tubes of watermelon gazpacho, which do need a good shake before you down them. You then have the Asian and Indian sections to browse through and do not miss the sizzling tava vegetables being made live. Try the Khow Suey – there is a very generous hand with the galangal, lemon grass and the coconut milk, making this a grand gravy. The lamb biryani too is light on the spices, yet very flavorful. There is a chaat counter too, if you want some of that roadside goodness too! Take a look at the pictures... sometimes that's all you need to tell a delicious story.

 What you must not miss at this spread is the watermelon jello shots doing the rounds – potent and delicious these work perfect in between drinks. Not to mention the trays of shots that are taken around as well.

 The potently delicious jello shots!

 The assorted shots doing the rounds

Desserts occupy a good amount of space and besides the plated sets is the nitrogen ice cream counter as well as the live jalebi and rabdi counter that will have many a happy soul at them.

Young guests are well entertained at a kiddie corner with staff looking after the younger ones. Older kids have a foosball table at their level, a library of books and board games as well. The children’s buffet has kiddie favorites.

Ministry of Food, Hilton, Embassy Golf Links Business Park, Domlur
12.30pm to 4pm
Alcoholic Brunch: INR 1999 ++
Non-alcoholic Brunch: INR 1499 ++
Kids Brunch (5-12 yrs): INR 749 ++
Reservations: +91 7353759820

This article first appeared in Indulge

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