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Sanchez Restaurante and Cantina

Thursday, March 09, 2017ruthdsouzap

I must admit I walked by erstwhile Sanchos quite a few times at UB City but for some reason or the other never stepped inside. In fact, I remember this one weekend night in particular when we happened to find ourselves at a restaurant in the vicinity of Sanchos. Little into our meal Sanchos began playing such good retro dance classics that I just wanted to wrap things up and head on there. What ended up happening instead was that we wrapped up our meal and had to carrying a sleeping child back home!

Till it was rechristened Sanchez and we were told it had a brand new menu all thanks to Chef Vikas Seth who has made trips to Mexico (in fact at the time of writing this experience, he has just got back from another amazing trip), living with the locals and learning how things are made, just like the locals do. We were invited to a tasting menu to get to know the new Sanchez better and were given express instructions to skip breakfast or eat lightly!

Take a look at what Sanchez has to offer - I know I will be back for more soon. Do note that most dishes were served to us as tasting portions and not the whole dish in itself.

Kiwi Mojito, Whiskey Sour and Watermelon Martini were the drinks we settled down with through the meal. The bar quite willingly customizes drinks for you. 

Eating out has become all about the experience these days. Granted there is a lot of gimmickry going around. But, at the end of day something as simple as watching your food being prepared right by your table has all sorts of good going on about it. Chef Vikas wheeled in a colourful wooden trolley (which from the looks of the number of times it went around, is pretty popular), with all the ingredients for a Charred Corn and Black Bean Guacamole. Take a look at the process in the video below.

The Molcajete (Mexican Mortar) has been specially sourced from Mexico. Chef Vikas has brought in quite a few of these and so a live guac is definitely what you want to start with here. This one is made with smashed fresh avocado (some even ripened in the kitchens of Sanchez), a piquant pico de gallo, charred corn and boiled black beans. Both yellow and blue corn chips are served alongside, with some sour cream. Don't hesitate to ask for more chips. In fact, just dive in a with a spoon.

Sanchez also does a simple Nachos and Salsa, which Anoushka really wanted. What made this all the more interesting was the sampler of 5 different kinds of salsa that the kitchen was currently whipping up. Each one, distinctly unique thanks to variations in combinations of tomatoes, chillies of different heat levels and spices. I loved the Habanero spiked salsa and the Mango laced on too was an absolute delight - this one combining the sweetness of ripe mango, with the heat of chilli and the piquancy of tomato.

The sampler of Salsas

The Mexican Ceviche - We were served a version with Red Snapper. The kitchen works with the freshest catch of the day and so do ask for what fish you are being served if you are particular. Getting yourself a good ceviche, where the flavours complement and not overwhelm is so difficult. Especially when you are working with fresh fish that has been cured in fresh lime and orange juice. The resultant cold soup is further enhanced with some fresh corn, pico di gallo, cilantro and scallions, all of which just screams out to be drunk up straight from the plate. Once you get through the solid parts of the dish, do not hesitate to drink up! This dish comes with yellow corn chips, avocado slices.

We next did a series of Taquitos - home made tortillas with a range of fillings. Each one of these has a distinctive flavour - courtesy the meats or seafood used and a mix of moles, Mexican rice and refried beans. The combinations ensure that you have quite a bit of texture going on - from smooth to crunchy to a filling with bite. The flavours build from ingredients that work magic together.

The Green Mole Chicken Taquitos with a base of Mexican Rice and refried beans, with a green mole generously spooned on top.

The Baja California Style Beer Battered Fish Taquito, with a spicy Chipotle Mayonnaise, Pico de Gallo, Chipotle Salsa and a touch of Guacamole. A lovely mouthful this one is - with a crunchy exteriors and the toppings blending well with the flaky fish on the inside.

The Poblano Chicken Mole Taquitos - Mexican Rice and refried beans form the base for the chicken. Over which is spooned the Poblano Mole. Here is a mole made of a range of chillis and spiked with chocolate. Yes! With not much experience in the Mexican food department, this came as quite the interesting tidbit for me to chew on. The heat is tempered down a bit with the chocolate, and is used in such a way as to build up a creamy texture that envelopes the chicken.

The Chorizo Molletitos - akin to a Bruschetta - this has bread, grilled with butter and topped off with a mix of refried beans, molten cheese and in-house made chorizo. Now what I remember distinctly about this chorizo is the fact that the tangy taste of preserved meat does not feature at all. In fact, what does come through is meat that has been pickled with spices that do the job of preservation, without giving off those acidic flavours generally associated with chorizo. A lovely dish this.

Now any smart chef knows that he needs to cater to the local audience to a large extent, which means improvising with some local ingredients to get people curious and to serve up something that is familiar, yet inherently from another cuisine. That is how you can best describe this dish that is made with paneer as the base and habanero chilli forming the sauce that it is draped in. Habanero, along with sauteed bellpeppers, garlic and onion.

A Mexican meal is quite synonymous with Tamales - This one you see here is the Smokey Chipotle Chicken, served with refried beans and Mexican rice on the side. While it is cooked ensconced in corn husk, it is also served in one. The taste of corn, which is the base ingredient of the Tamale comes out strong and the perfect foil is the well cooked and sauced meat on the inside. This can be quite a heavy dish so you may want to go easy on it and ensure you share.

Habanero Tequila Jumbo Prawns - Do I really need to say more? This is served with White Mexican Rice.

Another one from the main course section is the Lamb Barbacoa- Shredded and braised lamb in Guajillo chilli, also with the omnipresent Mexican rice, refried beans and corn tortillas. The slow cooking is evident in the texture of the meat and the mild heat from the chillis is very soothing... A great dish to opt for.

A complete meal is also the Alambres or Mexican Skewers with Tenderloin (you have a choice in your protein), bellpeppers, onions, tomatoes and a chipotle chili base. This grilled skewer is then placed on rice, grilled corn on the cob and  mixed green salad with a serrano vinaigrette.

Earlier in the year, my Huffpost story on Restaurant Trends to Look Out For in 2017 had experts say that small plates and portions for one are going to be on the rise. Sanchez follows this trend and offers most of its appetizers in sharing or single portions. The main courses are sumptuous meals in themselves. 

Dessert saw chocolate filled Churros come to the table. Sinfully gorgeous to look and to bite down on, the cinnamon dust is just right so as not to overwhelm or turn bitterish and the churros, crispy, giving way to soft.

The Tres Leches is another decadently sinful dessert. Eat it to really know what I am talking about. And down here you see the special that was introduced as a Valentine's Day promotion. While I have seen quite a few chocolate bombs, this one was really sweet with it opening up strategically to look like a flower.

Sanchez is an absolute delight. With a large portion of the ingredients not really available in India, Chef Vikas has gone to a great deal of trouble to create the right connections and supply chains to ensure accurate and fresh produce reaches his kitchens. While authentic is very subjective, I truly believe that a Mexican meal here is as close to the real deal as possible. 
A meal for 2 is in the Rs 3000 ++ bracket. The restaurant has its own restroom and it is a clean one. 

Address: Sanchez, UB City, Lavelle Road, Bangalore
Phone: 080-41755266
Cuisine: Mexican
Serves Alcohol: Yes
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Mall parking

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