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The Obento Meal Now Debuts for Lunch at Edo

Thursday, March 23, 2017ruthdsouzap

Dining at Edo is always a great experience. What a chef can do with quality ingredients is amazing and Chef Kamlesh and his team never disappoint. In October 2016 the Obento - a stylized Bento box made its appearance on Edo's menu. I first experienced it for dinner and you can read about that meal here

Edo now opens its doors for lunch, much to my delight. I was recently invited to sample the Obento again, which now makes an appearance for lunch too. The idea behind an Obento is a great one - a working lunch that is indulgent, yet takes the hassle out of looking through a menu, ordering and putting together a meal. Here, all you have to do is choose between meat or a vegetarian Obento tray. How I wish I knew this a bit earlier. I visited Edo on a working lunch just before this sampling, so glad that they were now open for lunch and ordered a Bento Box - while that was great, I would have happily traded it in for the luxurious Obento.

So here is what you can expect from an Obento if you choose to try it. Do read my earlier experience as well to know of other seasonal options that come in an Obento.

This is what the spread looks like on an Obento tray. This here is the vegetarian one.
Ichi Ni San Nya - Sake Bomb... a meal at Edo always starts on a fun note

Oshinko, pickled radish and gherkins -
This serves as a palate cleanser and can be had all through the meal.

The vegetarian option for the Zensai (Appetizer) Course

The Kani Salad on the meat Obento tray - Julienned crab sticks, mixed with Japanese mayo and topped with flying fish roe is next
The sushi at Edo is always a pleasure considering the freshness of the fish. This time too was no different. Edo signature rolls with salmon, tuna and avocado.
The Avocado roll for the vegetarians

The Sashimi - some brilliant cuts of fatty tuna and salmon. The sashimi you get is based on the fresh catch of the day that the kitchen receives.

The vegetarian option in appetizers

 The miso soup at Edo is lovely thanks to the great dashi, especially when poured from the lovely kettle

The Tempura options for both kinds of platters - the prawn tempura on mine being superlative 


From the Robatayaki or the grills section. Also served up, as you will see in my earlier post is the Chawanmunshi, an egg custard, which from then to now, I am yet to develop a taste for. However, a dining partner mentioned that a spoonful of light soy can do the trick. While I did have a few more spoons of it than I normally do, it still will be a while before I can appreciate it.

The main courses are wrapped up with a bowl of Udon Noodles. I love the Udon here for the deep flavours that come out from the broth that it is cooked in.

The Green Tea Ice Cream spells the end of this indulgent meal.

Obento Luncheon available between 12.30-2.45pm; INR 2250++ for meat based, and INR 2000 plus taxes ++  for vegetarian.

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