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Monday, June 26, 2017ruthdsouzap

Don't you just love surprises? I do! Especially when it beats popular notion in dining experiences. Now who would have thought that somewhere in the depths of HSR Layout is a place that can dish up good sushi, a fabulous consomme, Spanakopita, Pork Belly and a Kadhai Prawn with equal panache and finger licking goodness. Chef Tanvi is behind the fires in the kitchen and boy is she doing a bang up job of it all. We were invited to try out the place and I am so glad that we did.

Considering I am partial to Japanese - Chef Tanvi was informed of the same in advance and so we were offered to be seated by the Teppanyaki counter, which we happily did.The meal had a lot of sushi come through, which made me a very happy person, but it does international and Indian, with interesting touches as well. So go there with an open mind and don't be afraid to mix it all up if that's the way you want it.

The view from our seats at the Teppanyaki Counter - there is regular seating as well and little more on an open balcony as well.

The meal began with the Kinoki Philadelphia Maki - Sweet shitake mushroom with cucumber and cream cheese. Do bear in mind these are tasting portions for two - This was nicely rolled maki, simple and a good way to begin the meal. I found the wasabi on the side grainy - a first for me but it still did pack a good punch. I also found it interesting that strawberries were added to the garnishes. 

Lemon Grass and Curry Leaf Martini and the Tangerine Mojito - both great drinks and spot on in terms of alcohol and flavour balances.
The Tomato tea was up next and let me tell you that this is a rendition of a tomato soup unlike any other I have tasted. A clear, flavourful French style consomme with tiny dices of vegetables and crab vermicelli. The soup is poured into your bowl at the table and the wave of delicious aroma that envelopes you will have you pick up your soup spoon instantly in anticipation. And you will be well rewarded. I rarely finish soups just to make sure that there is enough of space for what is to come, but this is one I drank down to the last drop.

The Spinach and Coconut  Soup with prawn was next and this is a heavier, earthier soup where surprisingly the prawn and the spinach complement one another - nothing overwhelms and everything comes together beautifully.

The Sashimi platter was a compact yet loaded one - It comprised of portions of prawn, salmon, tuna, seabass and egg. The seafood, especially for sashimi and sushi is of topnotch quality. Chef Tanvi did tell us that they are particular about their vendors and that the fish supplied to them is on par with some of the established names in the industry. Good knife skills on the sashimi and the chef does take good care of making his presentation count as well.

The Balsamic Pork Belly with Microgreens - This wok-finished pork belly is all kinds of sinful. Let's see now - thin slices are layered over one another in the presentation. The balsamic glaze adds this nice sticky layer to the pork which has spent enough of time in the wok being finished to have a slightly crispy layer, a moist fatty one and a completely melt in the mouth meat layer. The microgreens adds that shot of flavour that brings it all together - hot, sweet with a touch of tangy.

Based on what the chef has on had, you will be served up a very nice combination or Moriawase Maki Roll platter if you ask for it. Pretty to look and to eat up, it has crab stick and tuna with avocado in the center and is wrapped up with avocado, tuna, salmon and finished off with some tobiko.

Vegetarians do not despair, there is a good deal of sushi choices for you as well. The Asuparagasu Roll or Asparagus roll being one of it. The crunch of some fresh asparagus combined with the creaminess of avocado make this a good one to initiate you into the world of sushi, or even if you have been at it for a while.

Mixed seafood nigiri - They tasted as good as they looked. There was no disputing the freshness of the fish. They were rolled well and made for a great mouthful. There are some things that just don't need an explanation. And yes we did a lot of sushi.

Heading towards the mains now, we decided to go with the Spanakopita - having heard a lot about it. The version we opted for was stuffed with feta and spinach and is served with a smoked tomato ragout on the side. When the glass cloche is lifted, the aromas are what food dreams are made of. The pastry is lovely, well layered and it all comes together rather well.

With the Ragout poured over it.

We just had to have something from the Teppanyaki counter and opted for the pork in Hoisin sauce. There are several sauces to choose from and you can have your meat and veggies tossed up just the way you like it. The Teppanyaki has quite a bit of flair to it as you will see from the short clip below.

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We ended the meal on Fire and Ice - Broadway's version of a Baked Alaska that is fired up with flaming alcohol at the table. A refreshing change from the chocolate orbs that are usually the ones that make an appearance. This one was just perfect to end the meal.

A meal at Broadway is roughly in the Rs 3000 category. Another fun fact is that they have a truck of their own that will come to your home and cater up a meal live! How's that for a rocking home party? The place is kid-friendly too. The loos are nice and clean.

Broadway Gourmet Restaurant
Address: 2802, 27th Main Road, Sector 1, HSR Layout
Phone: +91 9845856677
Meal for two: Rs 3000
Serves alcohol: Yes
Valet: Not sure, we cabbed it.

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