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Friday, June 16, 2017ruthdsouzap

Call me a hardcore Bangalorean (been here for 17 years now so that should count right!), but nobody does it like we do when it comes to beer! From Belgian to German to American to even Czech style beers we do them all and then some. So when Dineout kicks off a Beer Month, curated by none other than beer evangelist John Eapen, you know you are in for a treat. 

Beer Month runs all through June and diners can avail of exclusive offers as well as beer deals at some of the top brewpubs in the city as well as some great restaurants. Get a load of this

·     * You stand to avail of up to 40% off on the beer menu and 20% cashback through the Dineout Smartpay scheme all through the month.
·     * There are beer events taking place every Friday – in fact, this Friday (16th, will see John conducting some super beer games at Hoot from 4 to 6pm. You can buy your tickets here. Coming up the next Friday will be a Cooking with Beer demo (look out for the venue for that) and wrapping up Beer month will be a beer crawl through Indiranagar!
·    * Top spenders during Beer Month also stand to be rewarded big!

So now that you know what is possibly in store for you, I thought it would be a good idea to talk to John and get you his personal picks from the brewpubs that are part of Beer month – now all you have to do is head on out to each of the places and try out the master’s choices!

Biergarten – John loves the Pale Ale as it’s a good beer because it has lot of hop character in terms of aroma and flavour and its low on bitterness which makes it easy to drink. It makes for a good introduction into pale ales and IPA.

Druid Garden – There are 2 beers here that John would like to recommend – One is the Czech style pilsner, created by a Czech brewer, with ingredients imported from the Czech Republic. It’s a perfect representation of the pilsner style which actually originated from the region. It’s mouthy, light and crispy but it also has a bit of bitterness from the hops in the finish. 

The second is their dark lager –Bohemian Dunkel – it’s got lots of roasty notes – some caramel and chocolate but it’s a lager and so light bodied and very easy to drink. It’s not overly bitter like some of the other stouts. What is important to note is that it is NOT a stout – and should not be mistaken for one considering there is usually a confusion between a lager and stout. This one is a dark lager which has some of the characteristics of a stout, but it is light and easy to drink. 

 Murphy’s – If you are here, then the Black Beard Stout should be your pick – its good representation of an Irish stout – its heavier, robust, it has that bitterness. Lots of dark chocolate and coffee.

Hoot – Here is where you try their Belgian Dubble – Its high on alcohol. It is typically made in abbeys and monasteries. So it’s a very rich beer in terms of its mouth. It has low bitterness. It’s a delicious brew. Mouth-forward would be the way to describe this best. Hoot does only Belgian abbey style which is unique to the city.

District 6 – The one to try here is the Lager strong – its more amber lager, but slightly stronger. It’s got a nice caramel mouth. There is also a slight finish from the German hops that have been used. It’s higher in alcohol content. 

So you have it all now – A month dedicated to beers, discounts you can’t beat and a choice of brews from the expert! Here is the link – get booking –  https://bnc.lt/6ZXm/eJcJX47uCD

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