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Farzi Has Something New Up Its Sleeve

Friday, June 02, 2017ruthdsouzap

So it sometimes happens that a menu launch experience that happened a while ago does not appear on the blog because life gets in the way. Farzi Cafe, since the time it opened its doors has not been one to go into laidback mode once they have the ball rolling. And so, a new menu was but natural, in a short span of time. And in the time that I have taken to get this post up, they even have a mango special going on. Anyways... while you may head there and experience that, here a look at what's on their new menu which you can also consider ordering. The focus of the change has been largely on the food than on the drink, so your favourites are still around. This time round, the food has a more South Indian / local touch to it, to connect with Bangalore and the food the folks here grew up eating, but with a twist.

When it comes to Farzi, a showmanship is the hallmark of most dishes that comes your way beginning with the amuse bouche, which was a spherifiction of mango, a prelude perhaps to the mango promotion that has been making waves recently. 

We began with the Dal Moth chaat which came to use in a mud matka surrounded by some dry ice, giving it that Instagram worthy look. The Classic Dal Moth Chaat placed in a matka, with some slightly sweetened dahi poured over it and a sprinkling of sev, pomegranate seeds and fresh methi leaves. The chaat was cool, refreshing and very light despite packing in quite a few ingredients.

Next up on a large black slate was the - Dhokla and Farsaan Salad -  tribute to those Gujarathi staples with fresh greens thrown in, some pickled red radish and green chillis, mint and tamarind chutney and an in-house spice mix sprinkled all over the platter. Its a nice sharing platter, but considering Dhoklas (which was spongy and nice) are not particularly high up on the charts for me, this one didn't particularly catch my fancy. That said, my husband liked it and so did a lot of friends who tried it as well on their visits.

There are a few drinks that I will always come back to at Farzi and the Chai Pani is one of them.

Next up were tasting portions of the Chilli Chicken Patti Samosa and Tandoori Soya Chop Patti Samosa. I liked both samosas - from the pastry to the filling. The slightly bitter dipping sauce that they were served with did not really hit the spot for me, but on their own, they were great.

The Kothambir Vadi Tikka with Papaya Salad was an interesting creation that needed slightly more moistness which perhaps a creamier salad would have helped with rather than the mayo. A little tweaking perhaps for this dish.

Sion Prawn Koliwada had a nice hot and crisp exterior with some juicy prawns on the inside. A little less of the batter coating and this would have been perfect. Nevertheless, I would still pair this one with a chilled beer anyday.

Farzi Style Mac and Cheese may go down well with kids at the table or those who may like cheesy fried stuff when they are nursing a drink

One can never have too much of the Goli Soda style drinks anywhere

 The Shawarma Biryani aims to look a bit like the Shawarma rotisserie with the rice set at the bottom and vertical skewer of well cooked mutton standing tall. The presentation's pretty and the dish tastes like a nicely down pulao than a biryani. And since I love a good rice dish to wrap up an afternoon of indulgence this worked well for me.

Smoked Artichokes and Cherry Tomatoes Bisi Bele Bath was perhaps the best dish as far as Sudhakar and I were concerned. I love BBB and the addition of the smoked and roasted artichokes, with the mixture, tempered curry leaves and roasted peanuts made this a fab skillet. I personally would go back just for this.

 Iyengar Bakery Style Toasties - the chicken version was brilliant as well. But by now we were stuffed to the gills and couldn't do full justice to it, as much as it deserved it.

Desserts at Farzi have always been indulged and one look at this Smoked Fresh Chenna Flavoured Shrikhand will tell you how gorgeous it was.

Farzi Sundae - Another decadent dessert in a glass bowl. Its quite a treasure hunt to dig into the various elements that make it up. Am not going to spoil it by telling you what it has. Let the guessing games begin.

 Hajmola Candies Nitrogen smoked style to round of the meal

I have visited Farzi Cafe a couple of times now and know exactly what I would like to order each time to come away a happy puppy.

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