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Monday, June 19, 2017ruthdsouzap

It was Mother's Day and my little one was busy partying with her grandparents in Mangalore. So we don the next best thing - accept an invitation to the Sunday brunch at One Atria Cafe at the Radisson Blu Atria. So the erstwhile Atria underwent quite an interiors change when it reopened under the Radisson banner. A massive tubular atrium welcome you into the hotel and the doors to the indoor section of the One Atria Cafe lies to the right of the lobby. Step in and you see the extensive buffet set up at the end of the space. To your left is the swimming pool, an al-fresco seating area and the grill section. The best part about the buffet (and there are quite a few 'best parts') - is that the swimming pool is part of the Rs 1950++ brunch deal. In fact they even have a bar set up right at the pool should you choose to relax in the pool or by it on the lounge chairs. 

One of the best parts of the Radisson Sunday Brunch is that you have access to the pool! With a bar set up right there for you to enjoy.

The spread is just the right size if you ask me - it covers the entire range - soups, salads, starters which included grills, chaats, cured meats and cheese. Each of these have equal numbers as far as vegetarian and meat based options go. The cuisines are the classics, so you can be sure you have something for everyone in the family - there is Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean and a smattering of European as well. 

I decided to skip soups for the day mainly because I wanted the tummy space to try and fit it all in. I headed to the salads first and what I liked was that the salads were not your run-of-the-mill, all-too-familiar Waldorfs and Watermelon and Fetas. What I put on my plate across multiple rounds were the likes of Tuscan Pork and Bean Salad, the Salami Wrapped Figs, a Prawn Salad with tomato salsa and a lovely Seared tenderloin salad with wild mushroom and some Dijon Mustard. You could also throw together your own salads - the lettuce range with a choice of dressings was amazing - think Iceberg lettuce, Frisse, Argula and rocket with everything from balsamic vinegar to Thousand Island to Cocktail dressings. I did go back quite a few times even when I was done with the mains. And of course the Mediterranean dips were great too! Always love a good Babaghanoush and Hummus. The Tabbouleh here is particularly refreshing.

A look at the Salad Counter (The indoor lighting did not make for great pictures)

Another great thing about the brunch! - Fresh Oysters! - Yup - they are shucked in front of you, with some lemon juice squeezed on, some freshly diced onions added in and some cilantro and they were good enough for multiple repeats. Personally I did not like the addition of the onions - I felt the pungency of the onions took away from the freshness of the oysters and so asked for the subsequent rounds without them. You may want to do the same.

The gorgeous oysters

Cheese platters right by the egg and pasta counters

We all love ourselves some good chaat and here too was no exceptions. At the table with got some Dahi Papdi chaat and some Paani Puri. I did want to add a shot of vodka into the paani, but for some reason, none of my dining partners seemed to be their usual adventurous selves. But then I guess with the beers we were nursing, we couldn't have been happier.
The Paani Poori that comes thoughtfully plated. Below you see the Pav Bhaji. If you have read my my recent Instagram post on my visit to Manipal - you know I love a good pav bhaaji. Okay, maybe I should rephrase that - I am a sucker for good bhaaji (it gits my constant need for something hot and goey). In Manipal - I would pay for a double serving of bhaaji and ask them to hold the pav. Anyways, I digress - this pav bhaaji was nice, but not one I would hold the pav on.

Pav Bhaaji

So the live counters on the inside have a good selection of food that you can make full meals out of. If you would like a pasta whipped up - it will be done. I asked for a red sauce spaghetti with broccoli and got a substantial portion, in a piquant sauce (just like I like it) .

 Also from the carving station was the Barbecue Pork Belly which comes with Apple Puree, some caramelized apples, BBQ jus and roasted tomatoes. The crackling was done well and the accompaniments made this a good dish.

The Pork Belly

The Rs 1950 is an IMFL package and also includes some great cocktail. The insane heat that Bangalore was having at the time of this visit saw to it that we stuck only to beers. So cocktails will happen the next time we visit.

The prawns from the grill section were great - done just enough to keep the insides of the prawn moist and juicy, while the outside had that grilled smokiness to it. The same goes for the Herb encrusted lamb which comes with a version of hash browns on the side. 
There is a lovely selection of international and Indian sweets laid out at the dessert counter - from cakes to mousses to halwas and more. What was a great interest was the live banana fosters counter with several toppings to choose from. In fact, the staff even offered to have the dessert fired at the table adding to the excitement if you like a little drama with your food.

Banana Fosters and the many toppings below

  A badam halwa from the Indian section

 The Pool that beckons!

One Cafe at Radisson Blu Atria
Address: #1 Palace Road, Ambedkar Veedhi, Sampangiramanagar, Bangalore
Indian and International
Accepts cards: Yes
Serves Alcohol: Yes
Parking: Valet

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