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Sly Granny

Saturday, August 12, 2017ruthdsouzap

So Sly Granny happened for us a while ago but as luck would have it (or better yet, my very unforgiving schedule) this experience is being shared quite a long while after it happened. So with due apologies to the Sly Granny who gave us quite the story to mull about over this meal that we had been invited to, let me dive right in. 

Sly Granny has managed to find itself some space on 12th Main in Indiranagar, which I have long since stopped wondering on its ability to accommodate new restaurants. Anyways, as the tale that has been woven around it goes - a nice little granny kicked the bucket and those wandering the halls of her home found out that she had quite a few secrets and interests hidden away - her love for pineapples, Arnie Schwarzenegger, some high quality tipple among other things. So the house reveals itself in the form of rooms, art walls, hidden spaces, laden cupboards and more. 

You can choose to sit in the general dining area, the rooftop and if luck is on your side, the special place (call in and ask about it. Don't want to break the fun of that discovery). So we chose to sit in the general area, with its nice upholstered Victorian era chairs and leather backed sofa seats. We didn't have to bother about ordering as our meal was decided for us, so let me get right to that.Do note that a number of dishes were served to us as tasting portions so do bear that in mind when reading.

These were our drinks for the evening Above and Below - Le Punch in the wine glass, Whiskey Smash with the orange rind, Chase & Status and Strider

While we waited for the first dishes of our meal to arrive out the table, we were served some gorgeous Chicken Liver Pate, with Melba toast and two kinds tomato relishes. The layer of fat that is evenly spread over the top of the pate. The little arugula leaves on the side complete the wooden platter. Put them altogether the way you like and in proportions that you prefer. And while you have been putting together your toast, if you have been staring at the Arnie and Pineapple wallpaper and wondering what the heck was ol' granny thinking, then a bite into the pate is going to make the answer irrelevant. Its smooth, its rich, it has depth and it is sinful.

The Grilled Figs and Goat Cheese came to the table next. Crispy bruschetta smeared generously with goat cheese and then topped off with sliced, grilled figs. Freshly crushed black pepper and light drizzle of pomegranate balsamic completes this dish. Every bite gives you a multitude of textures - from crunchy, to soft, to a slightly grainy bite from the figs and the smooth coating of your mouth with the goat cheese. The flavors combine mild tartness, to a hint of sweet and a little bit of heat from the pepper. Sounds good? It was!

I love Ceviche and this Seafood Ceviche did not disappoint - with prawn, calamari and some seabass chunks, well marinated in lemon base, balanced with some nice chili and coriander in a base of cucumber water. The Caraway crisps add a lovely texture to Ceviche. A bowl of happiness this is.

Pulled Pork Taco - Its well marinated pork in a coffee BBQ sauce (which is an interesting combination), pulled out into juicy sheds, topped off with some pickled onions, with some jalapenos for that touch of heat and to soothe it down some ricotta cheese with chives. Not top of the charts for me, mainly perhaps because of the coffee element (not a fan of coffee), but makes for a nice, hot gooey snack.

Pork Chops - now this pork rendition on the other hand skyrocketed all the way to the top. Perfectly crispy crackling, moist meat, all of which is placed on some julienned radish. A very wholesome dish and does pays perfect obeisance to porcine Gods.

This slow Roast Lamb shoulder is served up on a bed of lentils, rice and brown onion pilaf, with a drizzle of pomegranate balsamic glaze.Here I found the meat and the sticky glaze on it really nicely done. I would be have preferred another carb... maybe something potato-based or even some good bread on the side.

The mini Kulcha are trending quite a bit right now and we were served up quite a number of them - 4 in fact - here you see the Pumpkin & Feta stuffed Kulcha, Cheese and Feta Stuffed, Kerala Beef Stuffed Kulcha, Chorizo Stuffed Kulcha. I was more partial to the meat based one, though for cheese lovers, either of the first two would work perfectly well.
Among the main courses was the Salmon Udon - Indian Salmon marinated in Miso and ginger and then placed on a bed of butter tossed house made Udon with some crunchy green veggies thrown in.A hearty heal this one, especially if you like udon. The fish was treated really well, with the textures of crispy skin, moist flaky flesh

Raan and Gnocchi - Ramen Noodle Gnocchi with Rajasthani style pulled raan, tomato and onion seed chutney. Now this a fusion dish if there ever was one. I believe the gnocchi was pan finished, though I did not think it needed that. The Indian touch to it worked for me, mainly because of the textures and the spices, but purists and especially those who like their Italian and their Indian kept separate, will find this an experiment.

Desserts were really great and we began with the Walnut Pie - a handmade pie crust filled with walnuts, chocolate chips and cinnamon served up with vanilla bean ice cream. I deconstructed the dessert and had each element on its own. Loved them all separate, loved them all together and that vanilla bean ice cream is spot on!

Always love a good experiment and also love jackfruit, so this Jackfruit Halwa with cashew, pistachio and rice with khari puff, vanilla ice cream and mustard oil (though am not quite sure where this last element found space on the plate). I loved the jackfruit halwa and the khari biscuit was a great balance to the grainy sweet texture

Pot du Cake with orange creme anglaise - Okay, let's see- sinful, decadent, indulgent, creamy, gooey, sticky, I-am-now-drooling good this one is 

Sly Granny is an experience - in fact, the experience you get is different one on each floor and section and is totally based on the kind of mood you are. The food is experimentative, in keeping the theme of the space. Its great to lounge around, catch up over a few drinks and some good food. Definitely worth a try when you are in the area. An average meal for two is in the Rs 2750+ category and the restrooms are interesting spaces too.

Sly Granny
Phone:088844 98121
Cuisine: An interesting mix of popular cuisine
Meal for two: Rs 2750+

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