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Breakfast at Nasi and Mee

Monday, September 25, 2017ruthdsouzap

I love breakfasts out. Always have, always will. Have done them all - the English Breakfast, the American Breakfast, the Military hotel idlis and kheema curry, the South Indian breakfast, the North Indian one... you get the drift. I love me my any kind of breakfast. And so when Nasi and Mee launched their Asian inspired breakfast, an invitation to try it out could not be declined. We headed there a Sunday morning and here is what we had.

Freshly Brewed Black Coffee - is available with milk as well and there is no better way to start a breakfast. The beverage menu is quite an interesting one and so space yourself out to make room for more them.

We began with the Sambal Cheese Toast - I mean, come on, the description had me at sambal! I am all for nice spice - I am the one who can eat Priya Pickle sandwiches in the middle of the night. And so I am a sucker for all things sambal and its ilk. This black plate of happiness is the N&M blend of Sambal, Cheddar and Parmesan cheese toasted in sourdough, with wild arugula and spiced tomato relish. Its crisply toasted, well balanced with all the textures and tastes coming through very well. A perfect was to start breakfast and wake up all those sleeping taste buds.

Now what breakfast would be complete without some eggs. And so up next was Thai Style Eggs Benedict which is poached Eggs on a bed of sourdough, chicken ham, topped with Tom Yum Hollandaise. Its the laced hollandaise which makes all the difference and by the time this dish came to the table, I really wanted to know where N&M gets its arugula from. Its so fresh and punch-filled with every bite. And oh yes... those eggs run very well when sliced down the middle.

Synonymous to street snacking in Asia is the Singapore Kaya Toast - generously slathered with coconut jam. So here at N&M the jam is made in-house. Its nice and sweet and perfectly sandwiched between two slices of toast that don't have their edges on them (just the way I love my sandwiches). But considering I am not too much of a sweet-in-the-morning kind of person, I had to ask for sausages on the side.

The N&M Big Breakfast puts together some of those individual choices on the menu to give you a nice and heavy start to the day. - Choice of two eggs prepared with the goodness of arugula, sautéed sausages and Kaya toast. That's quite a plateful and you will be a very happy diner post it... especially if you pair this with the Iced Milo Shake that you see below.

Ice Blended Milo Shake - Now this is one of those drinks that will take you racing back in time - just about the same way Anton Ego did in Ratatouille. Its all sorts of good, happiness inducing and delicious. Think a thick Milo shake with crushed ice topped with a generous sprinkling of Milo powder.

And because the spice fiend in me couldn't help it, I needed to end on the Triple Decker Corn Fritters, with cherry tomato, wild arugula and and balsamic glaze on sourdough bread. This one hits the spot well and can be a complete breakfast dish in itself. Make sure to slice all the way through the deck, pick up a bit of everything (do not forget that argula and make sure to save some for the end)

And finally breakfast ended with Kopitiam Teh Tarik literally translating to Pulled Tea. It takes a bit of getting used - its looks like your average good cuppa but has a more pronounced flavour. But it is something that will make a great beginning or end to your breakfast.

Breakfast begins early here at 8.00AM and only on Sundays goes on till 11.00AM every weekend. An average meal for two is around Rs 1200 if you are really generous with what you order. If you time yourself well, you can get straight into the regular menu which is quite a treat too. And do not forget to dive into the bowl of XO that comes to the table.

Address: Nasi and Mee #974, 4th Cross, ST Bed, 80ft Road, 4th Block, Koramangala
Phone: 080-41513456
Cuisine: Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, Asian
Cards Accepted: Yes
Wallet factor: Rs 1500 for two on average
Parking: Valet

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