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Staycation at Signature Club Resort

Tuesday, December 26, 2017ruthdsouzap

As is generally the case, the last few months of the year tend to fly away and before you know it you are in a brand new year. This year has been especially fleeting for me considering the family in these last three months had to deal with a medical emergency that last over 1.5 months, several trips for this as well as for work, new projects, exams, school events, work events... you get the drift. We are at quite literally the end of the year and am now using the holiday break (at least am fooling myself that I am taking a break) into catching up on a backlog that I do not want to carry into 2018, especially when I have some lovely experiences to share with you all. 

So, beginning with this lovely staycation now and hoping that I keep the momentum flowing and hit my target. So a while ago, we were invited by Signature Club Resort, a part of the Brigade Hospitality Group to spend a weekend with them. The focus of the visit was the cake mixing and gingerbread house making event that they had scheduled for that weekend evening. And we were invited to extend our visit to the property by staying over and taking in the hospitality of the resort. And that is just what we did. 

Signature Club Resort is located past the Devanhalli International Airport, and takes an interior route just before you hit the major turn for Nandi Hills. GPS should get you there fine - we were offered transport by the club. The Signature Club Resort is located within the massive gated confines of Brigade Orchards. Once past those gates you travel through multiple crosses of premium villas under construction, or almost ready-to-move-in and arrive at the swanky looking entrance to the resort, complete with water curtains and glass facades.

The entryway to the resort

A pretty little greeting at the reception

As soon as we got to reception, we had our welcome kits ready - complete with a key card, WiFi access, a list of amenities and timings to services. We wasted no time in heading to the room assigned to us. What struck me about the approach to the rooms is that the corridors are much wider than you normally see in hospitality establishment. This gives you quite a bit of space between rooms and of course the privacy you need. Even if your neighbours are having a party of their own, you can have one too without a worry. Below is my walkthrough of the room we had for the night. 

As you can see, our room was quite spacious, airy, and had everything a small family like ours would need on a short staycation. Our balcony faced the lawns of the property and had a lovely view of the massive Banyan tree that you see below. It did get a bit raucous at night, with a large family group having a private party on the lawns, complete with a DJ and buffet, but I got to hand to the DJ, he played some really great Bollywood dance numbers to which Anoushka and I had a blast dancing to, post dinner, in our room. 
The beautiful tree view outside our room. 

The property is quite aesthetically designed with a Mangalore tile roof, crisscrossing stairways and neat clean lines. Navigation across the property is quite simple, so if you have children like my Anoushka, who is just asserting her independence and wants to go the room or the pool or the play area on their own - they will get there easily and safely. 

A lot of thought has also gone into the landscaping of the place, with a major emphasis on ornamental plants for those pictures that we are all looking to take. There are several breakaway spots across the property, with colourful benches for you to settle down on once you are done with a short stroll. Perhaps the most popular spot, especially for kids are the sprawling lawns, where children and adults alike run around and flop down on. Each of the trees across the property have been thoughtfully named to give you an idea of what you are looking at. 

The view from the upper floors, where the rooms are situated are of green spaces, each making a neat nook on its own. 

Soon after the cake mixing and before the gingerbread house making there was tea and snacks served at the cafeteria on the ground floor of the building. An in between space that connects from the reception to the lawns. The pastry offerings are pleasant and the basics in terms of tea and coffee and the service spot on. This is also the area where you can connect to the rather massive pool - a separate one is available for children. Anoushka has a blast for over 1.5 hours and did not come out a shivering blob. 

One of the many very well maintained spaces for you to simply relax out in the open.

The property also has courts for tennis, badminton and cricket, so if you are in the mood for a game, you have courts set up and ready! 

Not to leave tiny tots out, a small play area for them is available too. 

And what I was pleasantly surprised to see, a small department store on the property for when you just had to forget that one little thing thanks to last minute packing. 

The property makes a lovely transition into the evening, with it being all lit up. There is fumigation that is done to help keep the mosquitoes at bay which make a natural appearance thanks to the many trees and foliage around. 

Meals are served buffet style at Tamarind, the restaurant on the property. It also has a bar attached where you can choose to spend your time. You may also avail of room service for food and drink. The buffet spread is just right for when you are on a break of this sort - just enough to give you choice and varied enough to ensure that everyone has something to pick up. What I really liked was the fact that everything we had was tasty- no frills, simply good wholesome food. This is based on dinner and breakfast that we had at the property. Though the package did include lunch on Sunday, we had to leave earlier for a prior commitment.

The sprawling lawns I mentioned - now who wouldn't want to loll about on that. I definitely did!

Signature Club Resort makes for a nice break - not too far off from the city, yet far enough to give you that peace and tranquility that you look for in such breaks. So the next time you are planning a break, you just might want to consider this! You can find Signature Club Resort here

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