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You know how sometimes there is a new place in town and you really want to visit, but the stars don't align right for that to happen? Well! That is what happened with Conrad Bengaluru for me. It has been a part of the hospitality sector in the city for a while now, but things did not fall in place, till suddenly it actually did! - not once, but twice. While my first visit was for a lovely meal at the Indian Durbar, the second time, was to experience the new menu at Mikusu - the Pan-Asian restaurant of the hotel. This was on invitation from Hrish Thota and Nivedith Gajapathy and was definitely one I could not pass up.

The lovely entrance to Mikusu - this was also the evening prior to the arrival of the Dalai Lama and so while the lobby was bustling, the restaurant was serene and beautiful. 

This was the lovely table setting for the evening

There were some lovely pass-around starters that saw us through the evening till dinner was served. And each and every one of them was amazing to say the least - from the Inari, little cucumber rolls you see above to the truffle oil drizzled edamame on a stick. There was also a gorgeous seared Salmon Sashimi on a stick that was as fresh as it can get in our part of the world. Paired along with Chandon, the base for a lovely evening of good food, drink and company was set.

The Edamame with Truffle Oil - Sinfully addictive

Chandon Sparkling - the choice of drink for the evening

Ebi Yaki - grilled prawns in Ninniku Butter were among the starters and multiple rounds of it were requested by most. 

Salmon Carpaccio with Yuzu soy and Hot Oil 

Course one of the extensive showcase menu was a delicately sliced Salmon Carpaccio with Yuzu Soy and Hot Oil. Right from the starters I could tell that Executive Chef Praveen Shetty and his Executive Sous Chef Dolphy Lobo do not lay out a dish unless the produce is fresh. These slices of salmon were delicate and the tang from the yuzu soy was wonderfully heightened with drizzle of hot oil. The vegetarians were offered the Tofu Carpaccio with Fukujinzuke, pickled vegetables in soy sauce and some hot oil. Equally brilliant. 

Barbecue Chicken Dimsum

The next course were the Dimsums and the Sui Mai - The Barbecue chicken dimsum with a firm and moist casing coloured with beetroot held together some mildly spiced chicken. Each biteful with the sauce at the table made for some warm beginnings to the meal. The Seafood Sui Mai was well made and touch of roe on top was a nice addition. These are dishes that are often the highlights of pan-asian menus, but very rarely do you want to go back and finish a steamer-ful on your own. But in these case, I definitely would.

Seafood Shu Mai

And then came a dish that I am trying for the first time - the Aona Gomma Ae - layers of blanched spinach packed together in a little rolled with a Sesame sauce, drizzle of chilli oil and toasted sesame seeds. A lovely nutty taste to beat the mild bitterness from the spinach. A lovely dish - one you should try, whether you are a meat-eater or a vegetarian. 

Aona Gomma Ae - Spinach is a tangy sesame sauce

Up next was the Rock Corn Tempura and Tofu Skewers for the vegetarians and for us meat eaters, what you see below - the Wasabi Prawns and some Chicken Yakitori. The Tempura was nice and crisp on the outside and the prawn moist. The touch of crunchy roe added to the texture of the tempura and the wasabi cream brought in that nice punch. The Chicken Yakitori with some lightly charred scallion stem completed this sampler plate very well. 

Wasabi Prawns and Yakitori and The Rock Corn Tempura and Tofu Skewers

And then was my favourite course - the Sashimi and Sushi - The new menu has a range of platters that you can choose from depending on the number of people dining at the table. The salmon and tuna sashimi has definitely met an experienced and loving hand in the way they are sliced and placed on the daikon. The Nigiri and the rolls were well done and I am definitely going to treat myself to a platter very soon. The dry ice on the base and the resultant smoke were a neat little trick. 

The Mikusu Platter - Sashimi, Nigiri and Signature Roll

Next was a flavourful bowl of Chicken Ramen (Mushroom for the vegetarians). A clear broth (am guessing perhaps the Shoyu style of Ramen), but very well infused with flavours created from a brilliant mix that has been steeped together. A bowlful of this on rainy days like what Bangalore is seeing right now and you will be very well set. 

Chicken Ramen 

And then came a long line of main course dishes - Starting with the Stir Fried Greens tossed in soya garlic sauce at the top and going clockwise - Braised Lamb; Sichuan Chicken with Chilli Celery and Asparagus; Yakimeshi - Garlic Sticky Fried Rice with Vegetables; Vegetable Yaki Udon - My picks in this? The Garlic Sticky Rice and the Sichuan chicken. The others, while nice, did not have a recall factor for me. My mind kept going back to the seared salmon, edamame with truffle and the delectable sushi. 

And of course we end on a sweet note and what a lovely note this was. The Orange Sorbet is a nice foil to the Five Spiced Chocolate Mousse - a decadent mousse and one that will have you scraping the plate for the last bite for sure. 

Five Spiced Chocolate Mousse with Orange Sorbet

I have my eye on some great things with this new menu at Mikusu and will be headed there with the family soon. You should check it out too. 

Address:Conrad Bengaluru 25, 3, Kensington Rd, Ulsoor, Bengaluru
Phone:088846 77229
Cuisine: Pan Asian
Meal for two: Rs 3500++

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