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Sunday, August 05, 2018ruthdsouzap

I love going out for breakfast and I mean, breakfast and not brunch (which very few places seem to get right! I mean if there are no breakfast dishes on your brunch menu, how does that qualify as brunch? - anyways discussion for another day). Like I said, I love breakfasts and if I hear of something new in town, I simply must check it out. Now I have to be honest, I was invited to check out the Sly Granny weekend breakfast a long time ago and just as it tends to do, life got in the way and I am now trying hard to clear out all the delicious backlog I still have sitting in the form of drafts. What better way to begin than with my favorite meal. 

The breakfast menu is quite an extensive one and very easily slips into the main menu, which means you can make the move from tea to cocktails just as easily. It is the weekend breakfast after all. In the image above, you see the most divine Morning Bun - limited quantities of this come from the kitchen. Order yours as soon as you sit down and that relish on the side will make the weekend even better. Also in the picture is the Quiche, which junior ordered as soon as she saw it on the menu. There was silence on her side of the table till she was done.

Closer looks at the Morning Bun and the Quiche - Above and Below respectively. 

There is a good collection of sandwiches and this Ham Sandwich with pesto and with some really good pickles on the side - whoever thought of pickled okra!. A wholesome filling sandwich for an indulgent weekend breakfast.

There are a range of freshly made juices along with a good range of teas and coffees to choose from. After all, what is breakfast without them. This is the Green Apple -

Since I am a more savoury than sweet person, it was a great choice to go with the Elvis pancakes - Flapjacks stuffed with banana, peanut butter and nutella and sprinkled very generously with crispy bacon, powdered sugar and milk crumbs (oh those milk crumbs!)

I cannot see an Eggs Benedict on the menu and not order it and so here it is - Lovely Eggs Benedict served on Buttermilk biscuit, with thick slices of bacon and a Chipotle Hollandaise sauce. This is the stuff good breakfasts are made off...

Is the thought I had till we were encouraged to try the Biscuits and Gravy - And that silence I spoke of earlier - for the quiche, was not witnessed again for the biscuits and gravy.

Like I said, the breakfast menu is quite sizable and some of the must-have dishes are the Pineapple upside down pancakes, the Eggs and Yogurt , the Keema Rolls if you are looking to keep it closer to home and the Scotch Eggs as well. Breakfast is on Saturday and Sunday from 9AM to 1PM (yes, that is a considerate timing for all those who wake up when the sun is high in the sky) and is approximately Rs 1500 for two.

And here is a link to the review of Sly Granny's regular menu

Sly Granny
Phone:088844 98121
Cuisine: An interesting mix of popular cuisine
Meal for two: Rs 2750+

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