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1Q1 Focuses on Nikkei with its New Menu

Saturday, September 15, 2018Me! In words

And catching up with the backlog on the blog is this post on the now not so new menu at 1Q1. Well! if you haven't tried it yet, then this menu is definitely new for you. 1Q1 has quite a nice pan-asian menu to begin with and when it first opened its doors, it focused a small part of this menu on Nikkei - the Japanese-Peruvian variant that is really lovely. It was bound to do well and so in this new menu, the focus is now placed on this wonderful variant. I spent a great afternoon at 1Q1 a little while ago, to sample this new menu. Do note however that I was dining pretty much alone - all of the dishes you see here are in the tasting portion size and not full size. 

I began the afternoon with the Saku Bliss - Hibiscus infused tea with Bacardi and shaken into a sour - quite the refreshing drink and good one to get the palate going. My first dish was the Peruvian Fresh Vegetable Tostada - Assorted pieces of avocado, cucumber, broccoli, grapefruit and edamame served on toasted tortilla with wasabi lemon cream with parmesan slivers. This truly is like a fresh garden salad, with some choice premium ingredients. The wasabi lemon cream and the gentle hit of bird's eye chilli bring this dish together very well.

A variant of this dish was the Tuna Sashimi Tostada - This is thinly sliced Tuna Sashimi with Wasabi Lemon Cream, Grapefruit, Tobiko, Avocado, Cucumber and cilantro with parmesan slivers. It does sound like a lot of ingredients coming together, but the key here is balance - in textures and flavours. For me, despite the many ingredients, the tuna was not overpowered, which is a brilliant thing. The touch of tobiko was a great addition to the texture. 

Another great dish I sampled was the Grilled Octopus with Anticucho Sauce - this is a traditional South American sauce made with coriander, pepper, lime, garlic and other spices. It does not overpower the core ingredient, in this case the octopus. It bears some resemblance to an Indian sauce thanks to the presence of cumin, garlic, ginger and tomatoes but varies in some ways - in terms of proportions and combinations with other ingredients such as the Aji Amarillo chilli. 

My second drink was the Mariachi's Song - Fresh blueberries and sage shaken with Don Angel's Tequila. Going with this was the Grilled Chicken with Anticucho sauce - a white meat variant that gives you a completely different feel and flavour of the sauce.

One thing you do not have to worry about at all in 1Q1 is the options available for the vegetarians. One of them is the Malay Penang Tofu - Tofu tossed Malay Peanut sauce - again, its the textures and the flavours that make this a great combination. 

Because I have started loving top shots of tables laden with food. 

A very pleasant sushi option is the Asparagus Cream Cheese roll
A vegetarian roll made with blanched asparagus and cream cheese rolled with seaweed and sushi rice

And so the courses went on - Next up was the Bangkok Chicken - Chicken caramelised in a sweet and spicy Thai sauce. Great to go with just about any drink and a nice one to linger over when you are planning a long lunch with friends and want to hang out. 

 Thai Bird's Eye Chilli Pork - Now this one which is sliced char siu pork cooked with Thai bird's eye chilli, shallots and Chinese garlic really worked for me - its got pork, bird's eye and garlic - what's not to like, tell me!

And then the Steamed Chicken Bao - Steamed bao stuffed with chopped chicken and coriander and served with a dimsum sauce. The sauce is quite the cracker and the baos pretty good - mildly sweet and well balanced with the filling on the inside. 

And this was the dessert that brought the meal to an end - the Avocado Parfait with Gooey Brownie Squares and Matcha Soil - Image credit - Nikhilesh Murthy
Anyone who knows me knows that I am no much of a dessert person, but if I did justice to this one, then you know its a great one to go with. 

You can read of my earlier experience at 1Q1 here and if you are looking to explore the Nikkei menu some more then ask for the Tuna Ceviche with Aji Amarillo as well as the Nikkei Salmon Sashimi with Passion Fruit. Also look at their coffees if you really want to end the meal with a punch. 

Address: #1 Express Building, Infantry Road, Bangalore
Phone: 080 4805 0101
Accepts Cards: Yes
Serves: Alcohol, Pork, Beef

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