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Tuesday, September 04, 2018ruthdsouzap

By now, all breakfast enthusiasts must have done the Sodabottleopenerwala breakfast a couple of times over and I am sure come away with a good experience. We were lucky to have Chef Anahita rustle up breakfast for us when we were invited to a tasting of the breakfast when it first launched. I have managed to go back once after on a work meeting. And hopefully will do so La familia soon enough. 

The perfect way to start these breakfasts would be with a selection from the Cold Brews - perfect ways to start the day and make that slow transition from late night lethargy to an energized morning. I very happily went through the two that you see below - and that says a lot since I am a tea loyalist!

Star Anise and Mandarin as well as the Lime and Cinnamon Cold Brews

Pancham Puriwale ki Puri Bhaji - An integral part of Mumbai's culinary history and almost as much a part of the cityscape as VT station close by, is Pancham Puriwale in Mumbai. A tribute to that is this puri bhaji that has been inspired by the legendary restaurant.

Eggs are such a big part of any Parsi meal and the breakfast spread has many an option. The Meaty Poro is a brilliant one among them - served along with pav, wedges, creamed vegetables, beans and blanched vegetables. A complete meal in itself, or if you are in glut mode, then you proceed to the other lovely things on the menu

Nothing can beat some good Kheema and the Kheema Ghotala does complete justice to that craving that you may have. Also in this picture are the Pancham Puriwale ki Puri Bhaji and the Meaty Poro

At breakfast, I usually end with sweet rather than begin with it. And one very good way of doing that is with the Espresso and Whiskey Cream Pancakes. All the magic is in the cream, so if you are sharing make sure you grab a larger portion of it!

And the grand finale to this tasting was the Navsari Style French toast with cream, plum and raisin compote honey and wedding style pickle. Yes, you read that right - a pickle! Such a lovely melange of flavours in this one dish. It will have you digging into the little pots with your fingers and trying to get to every little bit. And the pickle - a sweet and spicy one, is such a different and delightful combination with the French toast.

Breakfast at Sodabottle is on from 8.30AM to 12Noon, all days of the week and is approximately Rs 1600 for two. Take a look at a detailed review from an earlier visit here

Address: Plot number 25/4, Lavelle Road, Bangalore
Phone: 7022255299
Cuisine: Parsi, Irani
Accepts Cards: Yes
Parking: Valet

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