Hawker's brunch at High Ultra Lounge

Saturday, September 15, 2018ruthdsouzap

I have seen High Ultra Lounge quite literally from the day it opened its doors (and that amazing helipad) to become one of the highest destination dining points in the region. The view alone is something that can have you coming back multiple times. Then of course there is the food and drink. Things did take a dip somewhere in between, a while ago, but it didn't take too long for things to turn around pretty soon. And now with Chef Anthony Huang at the helm of affairs, you know that you are in for a great time. 

Introducing the Hawker's Brunch (its been on for a while, like I said, backlog on blog being cleared!) and one that we were invited to experience. An Asian Brunch, complete with little hawkers' carts, street food options and a range of dishes that will not have you longing to touch Asian shores for real in a while. Chef Anthony ensured we tried a lot off the menu - and so this will be more of you flipping through the album of a well spent day at brunch. 

The Cocktails from the bar have several options that you can choose - Some really good ones to try out are the Inception, Amethyst Mist, Mother Nature, High Tai and the Constellation

We began with the Aromatic Roasted Chicken Served with Asian pancake, hoisin sauce, leeks and scallions. I love well laid out dishes like these that allow you to personalize your rolls. The chicken on this was oh-so-moist and flavourful

The Burmese Style Soup - this vegetarian soup is a nice go between dishes. Creamy and coconutty 

Guru's Love Potion - Guru, the creator of this drink may not be around, but this is one drink no one who has visited High will ever forget about. 

Grilled pork belly topped with Kimchi Sauce - Honestly need  I say more? Every mouthful was quite the delight. The fat taking up the marination and the sauces so well. 

From the sushi counter - Crispy Cheesy Salmon Maki Roll - the cheese did not really work for me on this one. But am sure many will like it the way it is. And there are several more options to choose from. 

Now with the Grilled prawns with Yuzu Pepper Sauce you forgo the cutlery and go hands in and get all messy. I would go so far as to say, don't hesitate to use fingers to lick up all the good sauce that remains in the plate once you are done with the prawns. 

Prawn fry with spice sour mayonnaise - honestly, this one did not need the mayonnaise. And I loved how they were skewered and fried (at least that's how I think they were done) to get them straight and quite literally like a prawn on a stick!

Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce with Wonton Baskets - This one did really well in the balance department as far as the spice levels go. The perfect answer to my constant desire for something hot, spicy and gooey ( hot and spicy in this case, with the chicken being tender). The wonton baskets were great to break into smaller crisps and dig into the sauce or spoon the chicken into our mouths. This would go well with a beer. 

Often when we go out for a drink, we tend to veer towards doing starters and starters alone and so this steady stream worked perfectly for us. Next up was the Sesame Cheese roll with sweet chilli oil. A nice dish and particularly went well with the junior at the table. 

The Grilled Salmon Teriyaki with stir fried vegetables is a good one

Five Spices Grilled Chicken with Spicy Sour Mayonnaise. Make sure to ask for a larger portion of the mayo. This is one of those pick-up-a-piece-dunk-and-eat kind of dishes and is great Sunday brunch dish.

The view I was talking about? This is just one section of it. You will need to walk around after doing starters of this nature and that is exactly what we did! Lots of points all across the indoor and outdoor space for those DP and profile images as well as selfies and family pictures

And this spread that you see was our many main courses. Beginning right at the top and working your way down - the Yaki Soba Fried Noodles, Fish with oyster garlic sauce, Thai Green Curry Vegetables, Thai Red Curry Chicken, Sanbei Chicken, Cantonese style pork stew, Vegetable Fried Rice and Steam Rice. All great but at that point with a really really full stomach, I will have to go back and skip that starters and work on getting through the mains alone.

I had place for just about one dessert, though you have many to choose from. This here is the High style bananoffee pie with vanilla icecream. Ask for two - you don't want to share this one. 

The Hawker's Brunch is on every Sunday at High Ultra and is priced at Rs

Address: Rooftop, World Trade Center, Brigade Gateway, 26/1, Dr, Rajkumar Road, Malleshwaram
Phone: 080 - 4567 4567
Cards Accepted: Yes
Parking: Valet

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