The Egg Factory Turns 10 and Rolls Out a Egg'celent New Menu

Sunday, September 09, 2018ruthdsouzap

The Egg Factory turned 10 recently! Seriously time flies. I remember when we were regulars at the first Egg Factory that opened up on St. Mark's Road. Back then, it was one of the few places we felt comfortable taking our then 1.5 year old. She would have a blast sitting on those rectangular cushions, looking out the window and actually eating something! The fact that there was the Manipal Bun Omelette on the menu then was an additional draw - as most people who studied in Manipal vouch - the Manipal hangover is eternal as is the nostalgia with all the roadside cart food available there. 

Anyways, we whooped with joy when The Egg Factory opened in JP Nagar, closer to home and were regulars for a long while. And now all of a sudden, I am told its been 10 years since the brand made a debut! Now in that honour, Yogesh has brought in a whole load of new dishes, inspired by egg dishes that are made across the globe (after all, the humble egg has that power, of being the perfect core ingredient to so many dishes). I was invited a while ago to sample some of the new dishes - take a look at what I had and what you have in store for you. 

From Malaysia/Singapore, we started with the Kaya Brioche - Buttered brioche, generously slathered with Kaya - the oh so popular coconut and egg jam that you get across the Southeast Asian region! The Kaya comes from Jimmy's Kitchen - and the combination of warm brioche and Kaya is unbeatable. We recently went through a large bottle that a good friend brought for us from Malaysia. Now that this is so close to home, we know where to head!

And from Mexico comes the Chilaquiles - tortilla chips topped with warm spicy salsa, sour cream and topped with fried eggs. A nice snack to nibble on if you plan to have a long meal here (which you most definitely can do, considering the variety). Pair this along with a Fruit Blast and you have a good beginning on your hands. 

Again from Singapore, is the Roti John - a minced chicken and eggs in a open sandwich which comes with some pickled veggies and onions on the side. There is something about hot eggs and chicken mince that makes it the perfect recipe for a happy tummy. This and shake and I could be sorted for a meal anyday!

Eggs are a big thing in the land of our Prime Minister. A famous Surti street food, Ande ka Gotala is a filling meal, great on the spice levels and exactly what you want when you are in between snack mode and full on glut mode!

And coming in from Burma is the Khao Suey Chicken - A bowl of creamy khao suey loaded with veggies and chicken and with a distinct flavour profile of a galangal, lemon and coconut. The only thing that made it better - the eggs of course. At the risk of sounding very repetitive - a wholesome meal I would come back for time and again. Especially given my love for all things hot and gooey!

Malai Anda Curry from Kolkata comes with a creamy egg curry. What struck me with this dish is just how homely the entire meal was - from the preparation to the presentation, the portions and of course the flavours. Just what Ma would make for you for a quick mid-week lunch or dinner. 

And by far my favourite of all that I tried - Rowdy Noodles - A typical Indian street food preparation that you see at so many carts that dot the night sky. When this bowl is set down in front of you and you take that first bite, you can literally hear the clang of woks and metal spatulas tossing this dish up on streets. But what makes this stand apart is that it is made in the kitchens of The Egg Factory, has a delicious personal touch it (yet to figure out what makes it so good) and is just what the doctor ordered at any time of the day or night.

We ended the meal on the Ande Ka Kheer. You seriously wouldn't think that this one was made with egg at all. Try it to know. 

There is so much to the menu of The Egg Factory, that you can literally go around the world on your plate. Think Scrambled Eggs done the Turkish way - Turkish Menemen or the Mexican Scramble or the Revoltillo De Huevos from the Dominican Republic. Complete meals in the form of the Tex Mex Habanero Burgers, The Piperade Wich from Spain, The Srilankan Egg Curry, a host of Italian pastas and of course a multitude of Indian regional egg preparations as well. 

There are several add-ons you can have with your meal - various forms of chicken, egg bread and more. And a number of the dishes allow you to go completely vegetarian sans the egg and Oyako - with chicken and egg combined, or simply with egg. Now how's that for a range. Head on over to an Egg Factory Outlet near you or make the effort to get to one. You will not be disappointed. A meal for two is around Rs 750.

Outlets are at St. Marks Road, HSR Layout, Whitefield, JP Nagar, RMV and Koramangala - Click on the names to get maps for each location. 

I visited
288, Ground Floor, 15th Cross, 18th Main,
Opposite HP Petrol Pump, JP Nagar Phase 6
Phone: 080 4012 4848
Parking: Street Parking

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