A Lovely Family Getaway at Aalaya By Happy Retreats

Thursday, May 16, 2019Me! In words

Aalaya by Happy Retreats (click for map and location) is just that, a happy retreat away from the city. I am always on the lookout for a getaway from the city with the family and so when we were invited to spend a weekend at Aalaya, I of course, jumped at the offer. A lovely farm spread over 8 acres of land, it has a mango grove, fruit and vegetable gardens, gorgeous trees bearing jackfruit, coconut, papaya, chikoo and even a fragrant sandalwood tree. In the midst of it all sits a magnificent looking bungalow, with 4 bedrooms and massive common areas of living and dining space. 

Aalaya offers itself up as a space for open air events of every size - think large weddings to team outings to large family get togethers. The space offers multiple areas for each of such events, catering facilities as well as accommodation. All was quite at the time of our visit making for a lovely start to our getaway. 

This is going to be more of picture review, after all pictures always speak more the words!

The long driveway leads a canopied parking space that works for a good number of cards 

 Our welcome drink on arrival

Various views of the majestic bungalow set in the middle of this 8 acre estate 

The view from the first floor of the living room on the ground floor as soon as you enter

 The living room that is flanked by two bedrooms
The Lounge Area and the indoor Dining area 

The Bedroom we were given - complete with access to the balcony that runs around the 1st floor of the bungalow, an attached dressing room space and a bathroom with quality branded fittings and amenities.  

The owner of the farm is an avid traveller and all across the home you will find elements of decor that speak volumes of this 

 Coming back outside you have this lovely swing set placed against a nice floral background. Great space to lounge about and a wonderful spot for some photographs during an event. 

 One of the outdoor venues for events 

 A spot used for wedding receptions with ornate walkways and canopies for the couples and guests

A really lovely home cooked meal for lunch with options in meat and vegetarian for us. It definitely called for a siesta post the meal.  

 Post that siesta it was time for some pottery! I have all that we made sitting pretty on my window sill garden 

Staff know to make a mean ginger tea and we were told to help ourselves to the amla that the trees had around. We were also shown to a rudraksh tree and picked a few of the fallen ones for ourselves

We also took a walk around the farm to check out all that was growing there. 

As evening fell the space was lit up and one of the most beautiful was the wedding mandap set
around so much greenery.  

 The sky was a lovely sight that evening and I have so many of these images from various angles. Sights you will never see in a crowded city

 For the evening, this was the beautiful canopy set up for us to sit back and relax. A large bluetooth speaker was placed close by and we could play music of our choice, the buffet was set up a close by and it was an evening set up, quite literally under the twinkling lights of the sky and the canopy

 Our canopy was surrounded by beautifully lit up bushes, a waterfall, a roaring bonfire which finally reduced to embers, ending the day on beautiful note. 

The next morning we headed out early for a walk in the garden to admire the range of flowers. We enjoyed a lovely breakfast, a mix of south and north Indian staples and headed home happy. 

Do take explore Aalaya by Happy Resorts the next time you are looking for that getaway big or small, or even an outdoor venue. Its a place that surprises on several levels. All tariffs are as updated on the page. 

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